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Disaster Recovery for your Business Protect Data Quickly Restore Operations

Our goal behind disaster recovery and business continuity is to provide a combination of strategies, policies and procedures outlining an organization should respond to or adapt to potential threats or unforeseen disruptive events while minimizing the negative impacts to their business and infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery


  • Loss of recent transactional data (how important is your data to you)
  • Recommence operations after a catastrophic event
  • Complex and costly redeployment(s) to continue operations
  • Extensive recovery times result in loss of revenue
  • Loss of customers due to a negative event
  • Protecting an entire environment can be costly
  • Protection of any platform, regardless of location
  • Testing DR policies can become disruptive to production workloads

Businesses can overcome with a solution providing thefollowing:

  • Protect their entire infrastructure, Windows and Linux, regardless if they are physical machines or virtual (Hyper-V or VMware)
  • Can provide application consistent protection for all their applications
  • Provide recovery points and times that can meet their business needs
  • Free up resources and reduce CAPEX and OPEX
  • Be able to verify their DR capabilities by testing them without impacting

Business continuity and data protection threats by the numbers

$1.25 - $2.5B

Total cost of unplanned application downtime


The per-minute cost of downtime

119 mins

Average recovery time for datacenter outages

Business Continuity with Digi-Bud Solutions

Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery

Consultation Services What we do:

✔ Identify Challenges

✔ Needs Understanding

✔ Problem Definition

✔ Design overview
    (Backup/Analysis/Cloud Disaster Recovery)

✔ POC Demo (Benchmarking)

✔ Process Mapping for Business Continuity

Proactive Monitoring Services we deliver

✔ Monitoring of Server and Client Uptime and Data

✔ IT Health Review

✔ Vulnerability Scan

✔ Prepare and clean data for Migration


Cloud backup and data restoration services. Package starts with:

✔ 1 TB of cloud storage *

✔ Free remote data restores

✔ Zero Cost Data Download

✔ Free Environment Assessment

✔ Free Monthly Reporting

✔ Digi-Data Support

✔ Consultation and Proactive
    Monitoring Services

* Azure Cloud Solution


Site to Cloud Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

✔ Digi-Bud Basic Plus

✔ 2 VM’s for Disaster Recovery

✔ Security with Microsoft Azure
    Advanced Threat Protection

✔ Microsoft Data Privacy & Protection

✔ Corporate Data Security with M365
    and Mobile Device Management

* Azure Cloud Solution

Digi-Bud Packages

Good services. Fair pricing.

Choose from our packages and experience the following advantages.

✔ Protect against operational (equipment) failure,
    natural disaster, human caused events

✔ Reduced costs

✔ Easy to use

✔ Agility and scalability

✔ Fast implementation

✔ No new hardware requirements

✔ Leverage existing IT applications

✔ 9×5 helpdesk provides vital continuous support